MUSIC! Not Mischief Program

Police Constable Robert Tajti of the Toronto Police And the MUSIC! Not Mischief Program

MUSIC! Not Mischief was born of passion. Two friends, Carparelli Guitars owner Mike Carparelli and Constable Robert Tajti had a serendipitous meeting where the unfortunate state of today’s youth and the barrage of headlines in the media became the topic of conversation. Ideas were explored and in partnership, MUSIC! Not Mischief was born.

Toronto Police officers take Carparelli guitars into inner city high schools and engage youth through weekly guitar lessons. During these lessons, officers are able to impart a pro-community, anti-drug and anti-crime message. Funding for these guitars is made through “ProAction Cops & Kids” a charity that funds police led, youth outreach initiatives. (Visit them at

Through the school year, some of the students are chosen to play in an end-of-year rock concert held in May. Students are backed by Carparelli Guitars endorsed recording artists “Tracenine” and compete for ownership of guitars and other prizes. Celebrity judges evaluate and score the performances. Past judges have featured other Carparelli Guitars endorsees such as Marshall Dane, JP of “littleSUNDAY” and Juno Award winner Nick Walsh of “Slik Toxik” and “Revolver"

Very early on, students learn that MUSIC! is not just about kids playing guitar with cops or being rock-stars for a day. Through aggressive media campaigning and exposure to members of the Canadian Recording Industry, MUSIC! Not Mischief students see the largesse of their reach; that they are ambassadors for their communities and that through MUSIC!, they are trying to change the world one voice at a time.

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String Stretcha, Inc.

A lot of musicians mistake their guitar tuning problems as a guitar problem. More often than not, the guitar is not the problem. Tuning problems are likely the result of strings that have not been stretched properly.

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