Sep 11

Mick Box - Uriah Heep

Mick BoxMichael Frederick Box (born 9 June 1947 in Walthamstow, East London, England), better known by his stage name Mick Box, is the lead guitarist of British rock group Uriah Heep.

He is the only member from the band's founding in 1969 who is still active with the group. A large part of the initial success of the band, his early work stands out on the album Salisbury with complex and powerful wah solos. He currently resides in North London with his wife and son.

When you first meet Mick there's no pretence, no wall of silence that betrays the uncertain artist. He's always the first with the friendly handshake and, well, maybe on your second meeting it's a bear hug. It's a natural friendliness, as natural as his ever present Cat grin and it spills over into his matey stage character.

"I am very proud to own several Carparelli guitars. I have it around my neck on stage now. It's not often you come across this standard of workmanship, style and sound that rocks' your world!"

'Appy days! Mick Box
 Guitarist for Uriah Heep has played concerts in over 48 countries worldwide and have sold over 30 million Albums/CD's.