Carparelli Arco Bass

You know it, I know it, everybody feels it. You just know when it's right. Right there inside. You hit that sweet spot.

Carparelli Arco Bass

Your bass is the heart and soul of the band. Arco Bass gives you the control you need to make it real. Arco makes it vibrant, fresh and happening again. Looking hot, sounding cool - whether you're laying down the beat or breaking out for another inspired solo appearance.

It really is okay to be “out-there” doing your own thing musically. Breaking new ground for you, for your band or for your fans. Experimenting, innovating, creating and playing with the line. So stand up and get noticed, make their heart skip a beat again and again. Play Arco and play 'em like you have them on a string. Make them feel it to the core with a sweet, sophisticated new look that gets you noticed and a sound that's simply incomparable.

ARCO gives you a vibe they won't ever forget.

Arco Bass, like honey to the bees.